Hamboree/MakerFaire Meeting

Hamboree / MakerFaire Meeting

EARC & DRC hosts radio contact to the ISS at Richmond Middle


Tesla Coil

Great Tesla coil demonstration @ the Miami Mini MakerFaire


Miami Mini-MakerFair

Having fun at the Miami Mini-MakerFaire

Fun Times!

Had a Blast at the Orlando Maker Faireblast

R2D2 @the Orlando Maker Faire

This is the droid I was looking for

Awsome Arduino Solar Project

Great Solar Project at the Orlando Maker Fairesola

Orlando Maker Faire

At the Orlando Maker Faire


Setup Underway!

We are working hard setting up for the Hamboree / MakerFaire


The VEX IQ Robotics Challenge at the Hamboree Maker’s Faire

One of the activities planned for the Faire is a VEX IQ robotics competition. Chances are that if do not have a child in a school with a robotics program you are not familiar with the event. So thanks to the folks from Starbot, here is a link to some information about it:


Looks really cool! I can’t wait to check it out at the Faire